Master Classes 

Master-Course 2019

The XV master-course for conductors at Moscow Philharmony took place in Tchaikovsky Hall from 5 to 17 July 2019.

Master-Course 2018

The 4-th Moscow Prof. Yuri SIMONOV master-course took place at Rachmaninov Concert Hall of Moscow Philharmony-2 Complex from 23 June to 4 July 2018, with closing concert on 5 July.
There were 12 active and 26 passive participants. Every active one, got 132 minutes in four orchestra sessions and at least four piano lessons, so each participant received great personal attention from professor Simonov.  
All twelve performed a brilliant piece of World symphony music masterpieces at Grand Finale Gala  -


The 3’d Moscow Master course for conductors took place in Moscow from 16 to 28 July 2017. There were 19 active and 13 passive participants. For more details look at

Тhe 2nd Moscow International Yuri Simonov Master Class for young conductors took place at Tchaikovsky Concert Hal from 26 June to 8 July 2014. 
There were 19 active and 14 passive participants from fifteen countries. Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra took part in it during ten working days, with closing concert on the 8 July.  


From 5 to 17 July 2013 the1st Moscow International Yuri Simonov Master Class for young conductors took place at Tchaikovsky Concert Hal. There were 19 active and 10 passive participants from twelve countries. Young artists conducted Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra during ten working days. The great event ended by a sold-out Closing concert with 12 participants.

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On the 24 September 2008, at Alma-Ata State Conservatoire, M*. Simonov gave a master class for young conductors.


Since 1994 Maestro Simonov held ten Master Classes in Hungary.

First four classes took place in Miskolc (North Hungary). The host was the North Hungarian Symphony Orchestra (Music Director Laszlo Kovacs).

Since 2003 the classes moved to Budapest, with "Liszt - Wagner" Orchestra as a partner (Music Director - Yuri Simonov).

Organizer - Filharmonia Kht. (

Number of participants of all ten classes is 104.

Short photo-report of 2007 Master Course:


Since January 2002 Maestro Simonov leads from two to three master classes annually at Sent – Petersburg conservatoire. Forty three students have already received Maestro’s advices.